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We offer comprehensive and state of the art treatments for a wide range of urologic conditions This section provides information about the services and specialities we offer.

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The urology practice of Dr. Ned Stein and Dr. Marshall Stein located in Houston, TX

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Our Specialties

Latest Treatments for BPH

Our practice specializes in treating men with an enlarged prostate. We offer state of the art medical and surgical treatment options that include UroliftTM, Plasma Button VaporizationTM, and GreenlightTM Laser Surgery.

Kidney Stones

We offer several minimally invasive surgical options to treat kidneys stones depending on size and location within the urinary tract. We specialize in preventing stones from recurring with stone preventative measures and medication regiments.

Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile Dysfunction(ED) affects 1 in 5 American men greater than 20 years old. ED can undermine a man’s self- confidence and affect his relationship with his partner. There several treatment options for erectile dysfunction. When medical therapy fails, the penile implant is an excellent option that is proven to restore normal sexual function.

Overactive Bladder

There are both medical and surgical treatment options to minimize the symptoms of overactive bladder. When medical therapy fails we specialize in sacral nerve stimulator implantation and bladder botox injection to reduce urinary urgency, leakage and frequency.


More men are choosing to have a vasectomy for a variety of reasons. This safe and short procedure offers quick recovery and return to normal daily activities. It is performed in the office for your comfort and privacy.


We offer advanced cancer care for a variety of urologic cancers. Our expertise in both surgical and non-surgical management provides our patients with several options to choose.

Low Testosterone

Testosterone levels in men decrease with aging. Symptoms include fatigue, loss of libido, decreased muscle mass and weight gain. There are several treatment options available that are safe and effective if given under the guidance of a urologist.


Incontinence is not the result of aging. There are a variety of medical and surgical treatments available depending on the degree of leakage of urine and type of incontinence diagnosed.